Custom Printed Mailers

Retailers are very familiar that a printed packaging program is essential to marketing their brand. Even as online sales rise, printed poly mailers are an often overlooked piece of this marketing program. Plain mailers do serve the function of getting the product to the customer, but fail to convey the personality of the store it was shipped from. Please view American Paper’s first packaging video that shows how easy and inexpensive it is to print your logo on poly mailers. Many of you already have your shopping bags printed by us, so we can usually use your existing plate on file to print as little as 1000 combined sizes of mailing bags. Please respond with any questions you may have.

Which printed shopping bag is for me?

Why do you need printed bags for your store? Printed bags work for you double since they give your customers the convenience of carrying their purchase from the store while also representing your brand. This video is a carefully crafted how to video by our very own Jamie Bishop designed to help customers easily understand different types of bags and printing.

Envelope Gift Bags

Looking for a fun and unique way to gift? Envelope gift bags bring together various gift packaging elements into one completed sealed gift that your customers can give straight to friends and family. Jamie walks us through the use, and explains how this small item can save a lot of time and money while looking fabulous!

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